Hello, I'm Benni. I am an avid Data Architect, Scala Fanboy and Apache Kafka Expert.

Who am I?
I am a Data Architect with several years of experience across data-related IT roles and positions. My passion lies with real world data centered problems and challenges that test my limits and knowledge. I provide strong architectural instinct and the ability to bring technical solutions and business goals together.
What do I provide?
I fit a wide range of data centric roles and responsibilities in project based work or permanent contracts. Depending on the requirements, I also provide contractual work in the domain of web development, website design and web backend implementation. My other main focus is data related work in the realm of DBA responsibilities, Data Engineering (e.g. ETL, Streaming or Data Lake Architectures) and Data Analytics including Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.
What is my background?
I hold a master degree in economic computer science and specialize in Data Design and Data Driven Applications. I was part of several high profile Big Data endeavours within DAX 30 companies and implemented critical use cases across various industries, e.g. the financial and the automotive sector. My knowledge is spread across on-prem and cloud-based infrastructure as well as mixed/hybrid approaches.
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